About Us

Integrating & Managing Technology to Let You Do What You Do.... Better.

At VanCura & Associates, Inc., we believe in providing business systems that work…for people who work. For a moment, consider just some of the daily (or weekly or monthly) chores you and your staff are called upon to do just to keep your business running. Customer orders, inventory management, invoicing, purchase orders, tax records, general bookkeeping…

The specific items differ from business to business, but chances are you can come up with a lengthy list right off the top of your head. And you haven’t even gotten to the business of what your business is all about!

At Vancura & Associates, we believe you shouldn’t have to become a paperwork expert to enjoy the benefits of doing the job you’re already an expert at. And we specialize in helping you simplify the “necessary evils” to let you concentrate on the kind of work you went into business to do.

Computer technology you can use...not think about.

In a great many cases, small and mid-sized businesses today have computers serving as very impressive-looking typewriters. In some cases, business owners have found computers and the “off-the-shelf” software that comes with them to be so complicated, intimidating or troublesome that they are little more than very expensive office decorations.

We can help you automate many – even most – of your basic paper systems with simple computer systems and procedures that work with you…not against you. And we do it with your priorities as our only focus.

VanCura & Associates puts your focus back on your business with our:

  • Registered Microsoft Partner status - designates our expertise with Microsoft technologies
  • Skilled technology experts - experienced engineers who view themselves as an extension of your business
  • 24 X 7 help and support - help is only a phone call away

Call us. We’ll spend time with you to learn the unique characteristics of your business. We’ll discuss the environment in which you operate, the paperwork you produce and how the work now flows through your business. And we’ll get to know the goals you’ve set for yourself. Then, and only then, we’ll design a computer system specifically to work with you to make day-to-day business more efficient…and let you concentrate on making tomorrow more profitable.

Find out how our experienced professionals can turn your technology investments into a powerful business advantage.